These files are about a box truck conversion into sleeping quarters for a cross-country relocation.


What is so special about this conversion that would interest you?


This conversion is non-electric, actually no power at all, meaning no solar, no propane, no nothing. This is why I hesitate to say converted to living quarters, and prefer to say sleeping quarters or minimal survival quarters.


It is being done almost completely by a person who has no carpentry skills or experience, and is not that physically strong to handle power equipment, hammer in nails, or lift heavy wood. So this means almost anyone can convert a box truck to survival quarters. This is so important, as before the decision was made to do this, much research was done on the internet. All the information regarding box truck conversions involved people who had carpentry skills, experience handling power equipment, and the ability to lift heavy supplies. Also, in some instances, they had other people assisting them.


In addition, this box truck conversion is being done by a person who had no previous experience driving a truck or maintaining a truck before.


It is also being done with as little money as possible.


Also, it is being done for a SHTF possible scenario.


Other reasons are the need to relocate to a milder climate,   moving near a major thriving city where there are better job opportunities and more cultural  and creative activities, and the list can go on and on, but you get my meaning, I'm sure.


Specifically, the most important attraction for someone to be interested in viewing this box truck conversion, is, in my opinion:


If you are preparing for the SHTF scenario, meaning a collapse in the economy, or some other drastic event, and you have to prepare for it yourself, with no skills, then you have come to the right place.


You will find out in detail, why a box truck was purchased, what steps needed to be taken to acquire it, what problems resulted with it after purchasing it, how the problems were resolved, the steps involved in converting it, preparations for packing it, what to pack in it, what to not pack in it and send by carriers instead, how to plan for survival in it, personal safety measures, preparing pets for the trip, finding the right people to prepare the truck for the very few minimal things that required a skilled person to do, and more stuff.



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