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We are web designers, who relish creative artistic expression.

We love creating unique websites that are visual pallets of color and one of a kind works of art. Each page is like a new canvas of artistic display.  We develop each unique page of a website to attract the viewer with design and color, to keep their interest in the character and content of each page.


We have a strong art and design background, both in education and experience, encompassing various areas, which is reflected in our work.

It includes art education, printing, corporate management, sales, advertising, design, interior decorating, painting, sculpture, design and color composition, studies and analyses in all types and periods of art, such as Renaissance, Abstract, Art Deco, etc. Our study of film history with its display of different types of artistic expression, such as Art Deco, Abstract, unique uses of color and design, and so on, has also increased our repertoire. All of this carries over to our background and our skills in web design. They are all interrelated, all involving a good knowledge of art, design, composition, etc. In addition, we have a strong background in education and studies of the English language, including grammar, composition, literature, writing, proofreading, editing, copy writing, etc. To top it off, we also have a background in music history, which enables us to coordinate background music with our web pages and websites' subject matter, when requested by our clients.


Take a look for yourself at our creations, and know that we are not limited to the ones you see on our sites. We can create websites that are based on your own unique requirements.


Our web designs include all the webs listed under

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and that, of course, includes this site, Hattippers.

Email: blacktiewebs@gmail.com
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